We implement East Meets West Curriculum. The curriculum is based on the curriculumrequirements of Shanghai Second Phase Curriculum Reform, combining the best elements of international curriculum content, teaching resources and approaches to teaching and learning.
East Meets West Curriculum is learner-centered, transdisciplinary, concept-driven and inquiry-based. Learning builds upon what students can do and are interested to learn. The curriculum emphasizes the application of knowledge and skills and connecting learning with real life. While the importance of traditional subject areas is acknowledged, it is also important to note that learning within a set of isolated subject areas is not sufficient. Our students explore into transdisciplinary themes of global significance.
East Meets West Curriculum presents high expectations on teachers. The professionaleducational team of Xiehe has developed school-based curricula which meet the needs of our students. The curriculum is reviewed annually so that the curriculum continues to develop dynamically. This curriculum meets the needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds including local students.
Our primary curriculum has been authorized by the IB organization PYP section.