The Route of the School Bus First Term 2019-2020

School Bus Policy Share Point

1.     The bus route will be arranged considering most kids’ home location.
Tips: Almost every kid can find a match bus route due to our considerate analysis
2.     The bus will stop at each station upon a given time period.
Tips: Kids should arrive at the bus stop normally ahead of the given time period. The bus will not wait for the exception late kids.
3.     Parents should in charge of their kids’ safety on their way to the school bus stop.
Tips: Before school escorting and after school pick-up is necessary for every parent.
4.     Our bus mommy will take care of the kids along their way in the school bus.
Tips: Those younger kids will be seated in front rows in case of safety issues. Each kid is requested to fasten the seat belt along the way. Those insecure behaviors are not allowed such as walking when the bus is proceeding or standing on the seat, looking outside.